Where’s the Time Going?

Wow! I just woke up today and realized Febraury is half over. I swear I’m going to wake up one day and be 86 and wonder where all of the time went. Maybe that’s why I’m infatuated with taking pictues. I take pictures of everything–my son writing his name on Valentine’s Day cards; my one-year-old sticking his toothbrush in his mouth with his pudgy little fingers; even my dog with her knee in a cast following surgery.

By taking a photo of these little things, I feel like I’ve done something to secure that flash of a moment and cement it in time.

Even though I started out learning photography the old fashioned way–film and a darkroom–I am very thankful that we have digital now. I don’t have to print all of these moments in time. I can save them and back them up and back them up again for that day when I am 86 and I have the time to shuffle through all of my preserved memories. I think if I printed all of my photos, I’d have to build a seperate home to keep them in.

Some of my personal pictures get framed and displayed on walls. Many others are used in books that I publish and share with my family and friends. I do print some and keep them in my car or on my desk so that I can look at my loved ones at moments I’m missing them. Oh, I love pictures. I love having them. I love looking at them. I love taking them and evolving with the technologies as they expand.

These are my thoughts for this quick moment that is now gone…

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
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