Summer Sun, Wedding Romance, and Lots of Flowers

The wedding of Carly and Blake was beautiful. It was filled with sunshine and flowers, family, friends, and plenty of wonderful memories.

The didn’t see each other before, though we did manage to get a few photos in of the couple before the ceremony.

It was a perfect walk toward each other and the future at the Lawton Community Center.

Blake and his gentlemen.

Carly and her ladies.

The happiness of the day was everywhere! Carly and Blake are amazing together.

Congratulations to you Carly, Blake, your beautiful little girl, and your families. Please find the rest on your online album here.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Day

The wedding day of Carly and Blake began with a busy sort of quiet. Last minute details and preparations were quickly and perfectly put into motion before the events of the beautiful day began.

Here is a look at the beginning while the rest of the wedding photos upload.

Carly had a gorgeous gown.

Beautiful flowers in yellow and white.

Rings for fingers.

Shoes to walk and later dance in.

She would be married at the Lawton Community Center. The perfect place for a beginning.

Carly and Blake were lucky to be able to share their special moments with this precious young lady.

Carly was surrounded by friends and family as she finished getting ready.

What a beautiful bride!

More images from this fabulous day are coming soon!