Turning One in the World

When you are one year old, you may be little, but chances are good that you have very strong feelings about those important things in life.

Sports.  You love sports.  Specifically balls that roll and can be thrown.

You have that one special friend who goes everywhere with you…

…and who makes sure you are safe, warm, and have plenty of puppy kisses.

You have those really super special big people who hold you when you’re scared or tired, help you put your super stylish clothes on, feed you, and just really make you feel extra important all the time.

You love all of that for sure. Being one is so much fun!

But, when you are one, you maybe are not so in love with that gooey sticky feeling of frosting on your fingers.

And that’s ok because you’re super adorable.  Happy journeys little man.  I hope you enjoy your second year of life as much as your first.  Please find the rest of your photos here.


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