Saying Hi to a Fuzzy-Headed Juvenile Hawk

While on an engagement shoot at the park with a wonderful couple (pictures coming soon), the three of us noticed a critter in the distance.

As we got closer, we could see that it was a hawk. Upon closer approach, I could tell by his fuzzy head full of new feathers that he was a juvenile. I believe him to be a red-tailed hawk, but am open to correction on that.

He was perched upon a squirrel on the ground.

I was kicking myself a little for not bringing along a telephoto lens. As it turned out, the little guy wasn’t very aware of danger. He didn’t mind me a bit as I got closer. And closer. And so close I could very likely have touched his feathery head.

I didn’t want to disturb him too much. And I could hear “mom” calling to him from afar. So, I just knelt low and snapped a picture of him and let him enjoy his dinner. The picture was taken with a 100mm Canon Macro lens. So, yes, I was extremely close to him.

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