Lindsay and Jason

The wedding of Lindsay and Jason took place on a rare February day that was filled with sunlight.

When I originally met with them to talk about their wedding day, they were hoping for a fresh blanket of snow. But, the day was much better than we could have hoped. It was sunny and just warm enough that being outside was enjoyable–a pleasant surprise for sure.

I joined the ladies at the fabulous Kellogg Manor House for the pre-wedding preparations. Lindsay’s something old/blue/borrowed included a special pin. She was sparkling in amazing jewelry she found in an antique shop.

We had a few moments for pictures before the guests arrive. We headed outdoors. Lindsay and her two sisters were stunning.

We headed toward the lake for some pictures in the sunbeams. Everything was soaked in golden light!

The gentlemen arrived a short time later to begin getting ready.

Jason was calm, collected and ready to see his beautiful bride.

The kids were so adorable waiting patiently for the ceremony to start.

It wasn’t long before Lindsay headed down the stairway…

…toward the sunlight in the windows, toward Jason, and toward a tomorrow filled with love.

Back out into the sun we went.

Soon the sun was setting and the reception began. Great food and dancing were underway to celebrate the love of Lindsay and Jason. Lindsay and her father shared a dance.

The evening was made even better because it was shared with this special little man.

The night was intimate and romantic.

Thank you Lindsay and Jason for letting me share the special moments of your day with you. I so enjoyed working with you and I really loved the way you both seemed to read my mind as we went along. You’ll find the rest of your online album here.


2 thoughts on “Lindsay and Jason

  1. Lindsay, Those were the most beautiful wedding photos I think that I have ever seen! With the exception of Danielle’s, of course! You and your sisters looked breathtakingly beautiful!! I am viewing them with my daughter-in-law to be (in May) and she agrees with me & just hopes HER photos turn out as beautiful as YOURS did!! Didn’t see your Mom yet but I am going to view a few more photos now and she will no doubt be in those pics. Gorgeous setting…Cindi said that I would love it and I do!! I am soooo Happy for you & Jason, Lindsay.



  2. What an absolutely gorgeous bride and wedding party. The setting, the weather, the dress, all magical! How blessed Lindsay was to have a photographer who captured each special moment in such an artistic manner. These photos will be special for years to come.


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