A Spring Start to the Wedding Season

For me, the wedding season has been kicked off with a beautiful start at the wedding of Elizabeth and Matt at the classy Kellogg Manor House.

Elizabeth’s dress was lovely as it was draped on it’s hanger ready for the day.

It was even more lovely when she put it on.

She looked a little like a princess

waiting for her prince.

Matt was calm and couldn’t have been happier for the day to begin.

Of course, he had this handsome little helper by his side.

His job was to safely deliver the rings to the altar during the ceremony.

Which he did perfectly.

The ceremony was held in the lovely pagoda garden overlooking the lake.

The day was beautiful and the wedding party enjoyed a few moments of down time before heading off to the reception.

Elizabeth and Matt were so happy to be together.

It started out cloudy in the morning, but the sun was out during the ceremony and right after. We had glorious spring sun pouring in on us during pictures.

After spending some time around the grounds of the Manor House, the wedding party went indoors for the reception.

Even during the reception, the happy couple found a few secluded locations for some quiet moments.

Elizabeth and Matt’s online gallery is here.

After spending some time with them, I can tell they will be a happy family and though we weren’t lucky enough to have a sunset on that night, they will for sure be riding off toward a wonderful future together. Congratulations Matt, Elizabeth and sweet Malechi!


A Masquerade Banquet

Last Friday I had the opportunity to enjoy the company of some very wonderful people at the Grace Christian Academy’s Junior/Senior Banquet.

The theme of the banquet was Masquerade – an appropriate theme for a magical place. The event was held at Shadowland on Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan. It was my first visit to Shadowland and I really enjoyed the history of fun that was proudly on display there. People have been visiting the location for carnival rides and amusement for many generations.

The colors were black and red, but the ladies were wearing a variety of colors in their gowns and accented in the ties of the guys who were with them. I admit I was intrigued with the latest styles and thinking about the dresses I wore to my high school proms. Ahhh, the memories….

The food was amazing. The couples I photographed during the evening were sweet. The entertainment was pretty special.

They had this historical carousel all to themselves for the evening. What fun!

Meet the Chicks

A six-pack of chicks arrived at the post office for me at 6:00 a.m. today. The little girls were hatched yesterday and spent the evening in a heated box traveling from Connecticut to my house. I got the phone call bright and early that the box was in and I went to pick it up.

When I was handed the box, it was chirping. It was very exciting to open the box and find my six new chicks huddled up inside waiting to see their new home.

So, it is my pleasure to introduce to you:


Noodle and Chunk

and Alfredo, Tetrazzini and Bleu

No worries, these ladies are going to be pets who make eggs–a business for my boys to operate. They will not be eaten–at least not by us–and hopefully not by anything else.

Here’s the whole gang.

Mouse Catchers

My family and I are now the proud owners of a large old barn. With that barn, we also inherited a plethora of critters (bats, mice, moles, chipmunks, squirrels, etc.) who have been residing in the long-time vacant structure.

To combat the creatures that currently live there, I knew I needed a bigger, more stealth animal.

Thanks to the wonderful people over at Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, I now have two cats who are being quite spoiled and who seem to be living large in the barn. The cats have been very busy.