A Season to Remember

Two months ago, I took a small vacation with my family.

It was a get-away, really. Not more than a few days.

This was one of three camping trips we squeezed in over the summer.

Looking around now at the cooling evenings and the glorious autumn colors, it’s difficult to believe it was just a short time ago we were standing on the lake’s shore skipping stones into the sunset.

It reminds me that it will only be a couple of months from now that we are going to be building snow tunnels in the yard.

There is a season for everything and so much fun to be had in any season.

Looking back over our family pictures throughout the year as we’ve experienced it so far, I realize we’ve had a very full and rich year. We’ve had some healing times and some playful times. Most of all in thinking back, I realize how much love I have in my life.

I am thankful to live in where I do. Here, we experience the seasons to their fullest. We have snow. We have sun. We have the most glorious autumns. And our springs are blissfully vibrant and alive.

So, tonight, I am taking a brief look back at the summer now past. But tomorrow when I wake I am sure I will be anxious to focus on creating the special moments of my fall. Summer has faded away like one of the sunsets of yesterday.


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